5552 Ste-Catherine St.
St-Isidore, Ontario K0C 2B0
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Notice to propane suppliers

From now on we can repaint propane cylinders containing 100 lbs, 200 lbs and 420 lbs. The service includes sandblasting, a choice of 2 different paints and even the recertification of the reservoir. We also cover the transportation cost.

Distribution M.D.C.

Founded in 1998 by Mario Chartrand, Distribution M.D.C became a division of Propane Levac inc. in 2003. This division specializes in the propane cylinders recycling. The company is located in St-Isidore, Ontario. After 10 years, a propane cylinder is obsolete. Even if the valve is expired, the reservoir can be re-qualified if it is in good condition. The cylinder is initially stripped and repainted. A new valve is installed and the tank is dated for another 10 years. If the tank is damaged, it will not be re-qualified. In this case, the propane is recuperated and the cylinder is then sent to metals recycling.

Products :

M.D.C. DistributionWe offer a complete range of new and recycled cylinders, with your choice of valves (QCC ou OPD). Here is a complete list of the products we offer :

  • 5 lbs Propane cylinder;
  • 10 lbs Propane cylinder;
  • 11 lbs Propane cylinder;
  • 20 lbs Propane cylinder;
  • 30 lbs Propane cylinder;
  • 40 lbs Propane cylinder;
  • 100 lbs Propane cylinder;
  • 33 lbs Aluminum propane cylinder.

M.D.C Distribution will recover your used propane cylinders at your home for recycling.
Let us work together to protect our precious planet.

Contact :

Representative: Christian Levac
Telephone: 1(866) 658-8315

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