Propane Is Multipurpose and Meets the Energy Needs of Small and Bigger Businesses.

The commercial sector constantly uses propane because of its efficient and more cost-efficient performance. Be it for heating facilities and water, for stoves and ovens or for forklifts, propane is THE energy source to meet all your needs. Contact us for an assessment of your needs.

Flex Delivery, Seven Days a Week

Numerous commercial businesses have been trusting us for over 20 years with their propane related needs. We are committed to a fast and frequent delivery service.

We offer two delivery options: scheduled and call-in. Scheduled delivery is monitored upon consumption and connected appliances, devices, and equipment. A degree day system notifies us when a delivery is needed. Our representatives will assess your needs and develop the appropriate service schedule. If your habits and use change along the way, it is imperative that you notify us. Rest assured: it will all be taken into account!

If you choose the call-in option, a 48-hour period is in effect. We then advise you to contact us when your tank reaches the 30% mark, to make sure you never run out of propane.

You Wish to Provide Your Clients with What's Best? So Do We.

Propane is an integral part of the restaurant business. The flames are accurately directed and almost instantaneous, thus ensuring everything is cooked to perfection. It is also multipurpose: it feeds the oven, the fryer, the barbecue, the grill, the refrigerator, and many other applicances and devices.

Let us take care of your energy needs, and it will be a pleasure to take part in your success. We will assess your needs and we will provide you with a tailored, reliable and efficient service.

Regulation for Mobile Canteens

You own a mobile canteen? Please note you must comply with an annual inspection of your equipment. Ask our representatives or TSSA.

Hassle-Free Carrying and Loading Thanks to Propane

The propane forklift is well-known for its efficiency in the thick of things. Propane provides you with eight to 10 hours of straight work. Faster and stronger than the electric forklift, it is also cost-efficient. Propane leaves less residue in the engine than gas or diesel, which makes for a lower maintenance cost and an increased durability.

Whom is this service for?

  • Businesses
  • Individuals
  • Municipalities
  • Organizations

Your business's daily or occasional activities require a forklift? You will then require a tailored propane delivery schedule. Propane Levac provides you with many solutions : tank rental, tank exchange program or refill on site.

Our experienced delivery specialists will swiftly and efficiently meet your needs seven days a week. We offer scheduled delivery or call-in. Contact us, and we will assess your needs.

This service also applies to ice resurfacing machines.

Diversify Your Service Providing by Selling Propane Levac Barbecue Tanks.

Propane Levac has set up the tank exchange program through grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations. If you own such a business, you could become a retailing partner. Call us.

We deliver throughout Ottawa-Gatineau, Eastern Ontario and the Laurentians.

Save Where It Counts.

Propane provides you with unmatched efficiency, whatever the building. A performance-based system provides you with immediate and constant heat for all required areas. For instance, it is more cost-efficient than electricity or oil. Even your furnace will benefit from it, lasting five to 10 years longer than an electric thermal pump.

Getting Hot Water in a Flash

The propane water heater is very much sought after by businesses who require a large amount of hot water. You can have access to it up to 2.5 times faster than with an electric system, which makes it a smart choice for every business or apartment building.

Always Ready and Right on Site

If you're a construction manager, you already know that propane is an economical, ecological and very efficient solution for construction sites. Whether you have a short-term small-scale project or a long-term temporary facility, Propane Levac will be pleased to offer its services.

There is a large array of propane equipment items that can be used on construction sites:

  • Heating unit
  • Portable hot water cleaner
  • Steam and liquid torches
  • Many others