You Plan on Moving? Make Sure It Takes Place Through Warmth and Comfort.

Propane Levac is your service provider, just like the electricity, telephone and cable distribution providers with whom you already do business. You must inform us if you move in or out and if you require our services. Call us to discuss with an Accounts Agent who will be pleased to open or close an account for you. We can also adjust our delivery in sync with a planned move.

I'm the New Owner of a House Equipped with a Levac Tank.

If you take possession of a house or business that is equipped with one of our tanks, all you need to do is contact us to open an account. Call us to let one of our employees know about it; we will then be more than happy to register you as the new owner of the property.

I Just Sold My House.

Call us to ensure a hassle-free account transfer. In order to complete your request, we will require the closing date and the name of the new owner.

I'm a Tenant.

When you move in as a tenant and the house or apartment benefits from Propane Levac services, you must open an account to your name. In order to do so, contact us before your move so we can activate your account at the time of your first delivery.