An Essential Resource Within the Agricultural World

Agricultural activities require a daily use of energy; energy efficiency thus has a considerable impact on the profitability of the business. An accurate and well drawn up use of energy reduces the financial, environmental and social impact in agricultural production. Choosing a clean and efficient source of energy is therefore essential.

Fast and Flexible Delivery Everyday

Many farmers have been trusting us for over 20 years to regularly and quickly deliver propane for all their agricultural needs. Take advantage of our reliability.

Propane Levac offers you full service of tank rental and propane delivery. Contact us to get a complete assessment of all your needs in building heating, hot water and grain dryers.

Benefit from the Most Efficient Grain Drying System.

Propane is frequently used for drying crop. The process requires a high energy consumption over brief periods. Propane is handy and cost-efficient, which makes it the logical choice.

The use you will require will greatly vary, which is why an assessment of your needs will be performed before we recommend any type of service.

Think Efficiently, Think Efficiency: Think Propane.

Heating is one of the most considerable expenses for animal-based agricultural operations, especially during the bitter winter months, thus the need for some type of fuel. Egg farms and dairy farms have energy needs that are very accurate and steady. Thanks to its high efficiency rate, propane is one of the most used energy sources for heating buildings and providing hot water.

Propane is also one of the most cost-efficient heating means for greenhouses. Its stability and flexibility make for a controlled environment, which, in return, makes for an increased performance.