An Economically Sound, Reliable and Eco-conscious Solution

Be at ease while using propane for all your household needs. Be it for main or support heating, the stove and the oven, the water heater or the barbecue, you will always get the utmost performance at the lowest cost. Moreover, propane is at the top of the clean combustibles list. The environment and your family's comfort will thus be safe.

We Deliver Right at Your Home Any Day of the Week

Propane Levac serves a stunningly wide area, thanks to its four service centres. Our range includes East Ottawa, the Laurentians, Kingston, Perth, Kazabazua and its surrounding areas.

We offer two delivery options: scheduled and call-in. Scheduled delivery is monitored upon consumption and connected appliances, devices, and equipment. A degree day system notifies us when a delivery is needed. Our representatives will assess your needs and develop the appropriate service schedule. If your habits and use change along the way, it is imperative that you notify us. Rest assured: it will all be taken into account.

If you choose the call-in option, a 48-hour period is in effect. We then advise you to contact us when your tank reaches the 30% mark, to make sure you never run out of propane.

Tailored and Reliable Service

At Propane Levac, we are committed to offering a tailored service. Our Delivery Agents are experienced and resourceful, and they have been committed to meeting all of our clients' needs for more than 20 years. Feel free to contact your Delivery Agent: he will treat you like a family member. If you have trouble remembering his name, don't worry: he will have remembered yours!

Choosing Propane for Heating Is Cost-Efficient!

In the eastern part of Canada, in Ontario and Quebec, winters can be bitterly cold and seemingly never-ending! Heating your home quickly becomes a high priority for more than a few months a year, which makes it crucial to have a high-performance low-cost energy source. In Ontario, propane is a smart choice, both financially and efficiency-wise. For instance, it is more cost-efficient than electricity or oil. Even the furnace benefits from it, lasting five to 10 years longer than an electrical thermal pump. Moreover, a propane heating system is independent from every other energy source; if there is a power outage, your heating will not be affected.

There are many types of propane heating:

  • Furnace
  • Dual-energy furnace system
  • Wall unit
  • Central ventilation system
  • Floor heating

Propane for All Seasons

To take advantage of the wonders of winter, a propane fireplace will keep you warm and cozy at night, even providing you with supporting heat. Why turn away comfort?

Over the course of the summer months, we are your solution for heating your pool and hosting a perfect barbecue.

Our Barbecue Tanks Are Always Within Reach.

Propane Levac is your barbecue tank provider. Contact us to know where the nearest retail partner is located or look for us at the grocery store or the convenience store. You may also drop in at one of our offices; it will be our pleasure to serve you.

The use of propane for all household needs is very diversified. Many appliances and devices are an alternative to the traditional electrical system. They are both useful and beneficial. You may find an array of appliances and devices to meet all your needs.

  • Main and support heating system
  • Water heater
  • Fireplace
  • Stove and oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Dryer
  • Barbecue
  • Pool heater
  • Generator
  • Portable support heating system
  • Lighting system