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Air and Water Heating

Save Where It Counts

Propane provides you with unmatched efficiency, whatever the building. A performance-based system provides you with immediate and constant heat for all designated areas. For instance, it is more cost-efficient than electricity or oil. Even your furnace will benefit from it, lasting 5 to 10 years longer than an electric thermal pump.

Getting Hot Water in a Flash

The propane water heater is very much sought after by businesses who require a large amount of hot water. You can have access to it up to 2.5 times faster than with an electric system, which makes it a smart choice for every business or apartment building.

camion de livraison Propane Levac

Flexible delivery, every day of the week

Many commercial companies have trusted us for over 25 years for their propane needs. We assure you a fast and frequent delivery service. Propane Levac offers two delivery options: automatic or on call. The schedule of automatic deliveries is managed according to your consumption and the type of device you use. For occasional use of your devices, you may prefer on-call delivery.

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At Propane Levac, we are committed to providing you with personalized service. The extensive experience of our delivery personnel and their commitment to each of their customers and their needs has been recognized for more than 25 years.