auto propane

Learn about auto propane

There is no doubt that you are familiar with propane gas because it is used in many circumstances in everyday life. Whether it is to heat your home or your swimming pool, to fuel your BBQ, your stove or
your fireplace, propane is a source of energy used for many purposes including residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural as well.

But did you know that you can run a vehicle on propane? And that several private or public transport companies already use it?Discover some relevant information about auto propane!

What is auto propane?

Auto-propane is an alternative to traditional fuels like gasoline and diesel. While it is still slightly unknown of in Quebec and Canada, its growing popularity ranks it third in the world for fuels. Until now, it is mainly used by companies to power school busses, busses for public transport, taxi fleets, trucks, vans (UPS and Canada Post, for example), etc.

In Canada, approximately 94,000 vehicles are powered by auto propane, including tens of thousands in Quebec. Furthermore, the number of converted vehicles is expected to grow very rapidly in the coming years.

Converting your vehicle to propane is very safe as it is governed by a complete CSA standard which requires an inspection of the installation every 5 years and the renewal of the certificate of conformity. It can also save you up to 40% of your fuel costs!
You can modify your gasoline vehicle by adding a tank, injectors, vaporizers, and other parts so it can run on propane as a dual fuel hybrid vehicle.

The main advantages of auto propane


  • Economical: low cost, it represents annual fuel savings of 30% to 40% compared to gasoline.
  • Environmentally friendly: low greenhouse gas emissions (up to 25% less than other fuels), low carbon dioxide emissions (12% less) and 20% less nitrogen dioxide emissions and of carbon monoxide. In addition, since propane dissipates into the atmosphere and has no effect on water, air or soil, it poses no risk to the environment.
  • Safe: In the event of a collision, propane tanks installed in vehicles are 20 times more resistant than gasoline or diesel ones. In addition, propane has a very low flammability range.
  • Efficient: Propane as a fuel offers the same efficiency  in terms of horsepower, torque and acceleration as a gasoline engine.
  • Easy to use: Handling and refuelling your vehicle with propane is just as easy and safe as any other vehicle. It also doesn’t require much maintenance.
  • Product availability: More and more auto propane refueling stations are available in Quebec and Canada.

Do you want to use propane as a fuel source for your vehicle or those of your business? Do not hesitate to contact the experts at Propane Levac Inc., they will be happy to help you.