Why choose a propane pool heater?


chauffe piscine au propaneYou have a pool, but you find that the pool season is too short? You don’t use it enough because the water is too cold, especially in spring and fall? Would you like to extend your summer pool season?

By installing a propane pool heater, you can enjoy up to 2 months of additional swimming in water at your desired temperature! By opting for this efficient and simple heating system, you will certainly make your pool purchase and use more profitable.

However, before purchasing your appliance, ask your municipality about the regulations governing propane gas installations.

The propane gas pool heating system

How it works: The propane gas pool heater is connected to the pool by a pipe system that is connected to the outlet of the filter which draws in the water. Then, the water passes through a coil heated by the flames of the propane gas combustion and is poured back into the pool.

The various models of pool heaters: There are various models of pool heaters on the market with different heating capabilities that can be adapted to the size of your pool. Nevertheless, each one offers easy operation (often with a single button), no pilot light, and an efficient thermostat.

Below is a chart that will help you choose the right pool heater for your pool size.

The Surface of Your Pool in Square MetersIdeal pool heater capacity in BTU/hour for maximum heating
1350500 000
1200400 000
1050350 000
900300 000
750250 000
600200 000
450150 000

Maintenance: For best performance, empty the pipes in the fall and spring. In addition, it is recommended that the burner, the pilot light, and the exchanger be cleaned annually and that the safety components, the line seals, and the gas pressure be checked by a professional.

The advantages of a propane pool heater

You may be wondering if you are making the right choice by opting for a propane gas pool heater. Propane gas pool heaters offer many benefits such as:

  • Ecological, propane gas is an environmentally friendly energy source. Indeed, propane produces no particles, contains no lead, is non-toxic, and low in carbon.
  • Efficient, propane heaters are currently the fastest heating method on the market with a heat gain of 2 to 3 degrees per hour.
  • Powerful, it can maintain a stable and precise temperature according to the water temperature that you want, effortlessly, since its efficiency does not depend on the external climate (heat or coolness) and its thermostat is of excellent quality.
  • Inexpensive, its high-energy efficiency allows you to save on heating costs.
  • Quiet, you can fully enjoy your pool area in peace.
  • Practical, you can program the desired water temperature, the heating hours, etc.
  • Safe, the system can automatically control the pilot light.
  • Durable and reliable, the system will work for years (at least 10 years hassle-free) with simple periodic maintenance.

Would you like to install a propane gas pool heater for your pool? Do not hesitate to contact Propane Levac inc. It will be our pleasure to meet your propane supply needs