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You Wish to Provide Your Clients with What’s Best? So Do We.

Propane is an integral part of the restaurant business. The flames are accurately directed and almost instantaneous, thus ensuring everything is cooked to perfection. It is also multipurpose: it feeds the oven, the fryer, the barbecue, the grill, the refrigerator, and many other applicances and devices.

Let us take care of your energy needs, and it will be a pleasure to take part in your success. We will assess your needs and we will provide you with a tailored, reliable and efficient service

Regulation for Mobile Canteens

You own a mobile canteen? Please note you must comply with an annual inspection of your equipment. Ask our representatives or TSSA.

Flexible delivery, every day of the week

Many commercial companies have trusted us for over 25 years for their propane needs. We assure you a fast and frequent delivery service. Propane Levac offers two delivery options: automatic or on call. The schedule of automatic deliveries is managed according to your consumption and the type of device you use. For occasional use of your devices, you may prefer on-call delivery.

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At Propane Levac, we are committed to providing you with personalized service. The extensive experience of our delivery personnel and their commitment to each of their customers and their needs has been recognized for more than 25 years.