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Recycling of Propane Cylinders

Founded in 1998 by Mario Chartrand, Distribution M.D.C. became a division of Propane Levac inc. in 2003. This division specializes in the recycling of propane cylinders. The service is mainly aimed at companies and recycling centers.

After ten years, a propane cylinder has expired. Although the valve is no longer usable, the tank can be requalified if it is in good condition. The cylinder is first stripped, then repainted. A new valve is then installed. The cylinder is now good for another 10 years. If the cylinder is damaged, it will not be requalified. In this case, the propane is recovered, and the cylinder is sent to a metal recycler.


We offer a full range of new and recycled cylinders, with the valve of your choice
(QCC or OPD). Here is a complete list of our products:


  • 5 lb propane cylinder;
  • 10 lb propane cylinder;
  • 11 lb propane cylinder;
  • 20 lb propane cylinder;
  • 30 lb propane cylinder;
  • 40 lb propane cylinder;
  • 60 lb propane cylinder;
  • 100 lb propane cylinder;
  • 33 lb aluminum propane cylinder.
réservoirs de propane et citernes - Propane Levac

Distribution M.D.C. will collect your expired propane cylinders for recycling.

Representative :
 Maurice Frappier
Phone number : 1(866) 658-8315